Mortgage Loan Programs

California Mortgage Loans.net understands that consumers in this state may prefer a variety of home loan programs.

Mortgage Refinance

  • Cash out for refinancing loans and debt or home improvements (See loan officer for LTV requirements on cash out loans)
  • Redo the terms on your existing mortgage. In many cases, a lower interest rate will translate to a lower monthly payment.
  • (See loan officer for payment calculation to determine actual savings)

Jumbo Mortgage Loans These loans do not conform to the guidelines established by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or exceeds the conventional loan limit is called a Jumbo loan. These loan amounts can go up to 3 million dollars.

Conventional Loans common types of first mortgages for consumers with good credit and an adequate debt to income ratio.

FHA Streamline Loans These are loans insured by the FHA. They are generally a little easier to qualify for than conventional loans and may require less of a down payment. FHA Loans are great for first time home buyers.

VA Streamline Loans VA loans are to assist eligible people on active military duty or retired status to buy primary residences. In many cases, No appraisal Required

2nd Mortgage Loans

  • Cash out for debt consolidation or home improvements (See loan officer for LTV requirements on cash out loans
  • 2nd mortgage enable homeowners to take out additional financing, in addition to their current 1st mortgage.
  • (See loan officer for second mortgage requirements, rates and guidelines)

Debt Consolidation Loans

  • You may be eligible to consolidate your debt into a single monthly payment!
  • Less than Perfect Credit Loans may be available. Ask you loan officer for program guidelines that may be applicable to your situation.

Home Equity Loans & Home Equity Lines of Credit

  • Cash out for debt consolidation, home improvements, investing, education, etc.
  • Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan & Borrow money using your house as collateral.
  • Variable Rate Home Equity Line of Credit enables customers to choose between interest only a principal and interest only.

Recent New: Counselors in California Say Banks Violated Settlement and State Bill

California's housing counselors find the nation's largest banks already are failing to comply with the National Mortgage Settlement and the state's Homeowners Bill of Rights. A new survey conducted by the California Reinvestment Coalition suggests banks are violating several consumer protections mandated by the $26 billion settlement and California state law. Over 70% of the 84 counselors and lawyers who participated in the survey said banks in their opinion are "never," "rarely" or only "sometimes" complying with the much-talked-about single point of contact response to foreclosure prevention and mortgage loan workout management. Read the original article.

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