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If you are searching online for professionals to help you buy your first home, our California mortgage lenders can help you reach your goals. If you already own a home but need help refinancing your underwater mortgage, or California lenders can help you find a mortgage that makes sense for you financially.

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Good News: The State of California added 38,300 jobs last month and unemployment fell to 10.7%. In California, several sectors added jobs, with the largest gains in trade, transportation and utilities, which added 9,400 jobs; leisure and hospitality, with 9,200 new jobs; and construction, 8,100 jobs. Unfortunately there were not that many finance jobs added to the mortgage industry because many California mortgage lenders and savings and loan banks have decided to leave California because it's one of the easiest ways to cut costs.

California Homeowners Refinancing with HARP: With such a high percentage of homeowners in the state underwater, it's no surprise that mortgage lenders in California have thousands of HARP applications backed up in process due to the program's popularity. In a recent article, Nationwide posted online a reminder that homeowners that had a 2nd loan were still eligible for the HARP 2.0 as long as they had the subordination agreement signed with their 2nd mortgage lender. More often than not, California lenders have reported excitement within their sales staff because of the increased refinance volume that stems from the HARP program. Read the original article, HARP refinancing with a Second Mortgage.

Affordable Housing: According to the Sacramento Bee, finding affordable housing in Northern California regions like the Sacramento valley can be difficult and challenging for local residents. In a recent article, the SacBee indicated that fifty thousand prospective tenants recently vied for one of 3,000 slots on a Sacramento County waiting list for subsidized housing.

Families are waiting two years for an apartment in an affordable housing complex in El Dorado Hills. Applicants for a place in the few low-income housing projects set to open during the next year will stand a 1-in-300 chance of landing an apartment. In 2013 California mortgage rates continue to hover at record lows. We expect the trend of interest rates to change soon, so get approved will housing is so affordable. The team at the California Mortgage Loan Center offers competitive rates, aggressive guidelines and superior processing.

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