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California consumers have been in a tough predicament in the last few years with the local housing market continuing to slump. Homeowners seek refinancing, but their property values have plummeted to the point that California lenders were not comfortable extending refinance terms. Interest rates have fallen to record lows but getting approved has been very complicated until now. With home sales and property values rising for three consecutive quarters, California mortgage lenders appear to be more eager to extend loan programs with more aggressive guidelines.

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Welcome to California Mortgage Loans, your destination for info on California home loan programs. Consumers are invited to this website that is dedicated solely to home financing for California residential real estate. California Mortgage Loans specializes in various home loans for California homeowners with unique offers for jumbo fixed rate refinancing, interest only home financing, deferred interest payment options, second mortgage programs, FHA, VA, consolidation loans and home equity second mortgage loans. California Mortgage informs local borrowers with new financing opportunities. California mortgage rates have dipped to their lowest point on 30-year fixed rate conforming loan terms.

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As most people throughout the country have read, California home loan rates dropped again, but home sales remain sluggish in Northern and Central California! In 2011, Southern California housing has begun to see a slight rise in property values. The Average home price has risen to nearly half a million, which is 300% greater than the average five years ago. Unfortunately for California resident's home prices have risen over twice as fast as the incomes have increased over the same period. Many people wonder how California mortgage programs can afford to finance home buying in their state. Creative financing has paved the road for many first time homebuyers. The advent of 100% financing helped create the current foreclosure crisis with interest only loans, payment option ARMs and negative amortization loans really hammered the mortgage industry because of the alarming rate of loan defaults that continues to climb to levels out of control. Participating loan companies offer California mortgage loan programs for Primary Residences, Non-Owner Occupied, 2nd Homes, Vacation Rentals and Investment Properties.

For California Borrowers that are Self-Employed, Retired and Salaried

  • California VA Loan to 100% CLTV for qualifying credit grades. Purchase or Refinance.
  • Bank Statement Program - Income calculated by monthly deposits.
  • Interest Only Payment (70% LTV).
  • 15, 30 and 40-Year Terms Offered.
  • California Refinance Loans from $100,000 to $5,000,000
  • California Jumbo Loans up to $7,000,000
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  • Reverse Home Mortgages are popular with Seniors that have a lot of equity in property
  • Home Equity Conversions for California Seniors over 62
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  • California Home Equity Loan Amounts up to $500,000
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In a recent article in a Southern California newspaper discussions between mortgage lenders were evaluated as the California housing sector seemingly has cooled off. The LA Times reported sales of low-end homes were hindered by tighter lending guidelines and credit requirements. The mortgage industry has all but eliminated zero down-payment financing and 100% jumbo financing of a home, along with many home mortgage loans to bad credit borrowers, or borrowers with past bankruptcies or low credit scores. VA loans in California are the last 100% finance options for borrowers in the Golden State. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, California home loans have fallen to record levels and this is helping spur the housing recovery.

RealtyTrac reported that Nevada, New York and California post top foreclosure rates with two in 100 households being in risk for foreclosure. "California home loans registered the nation's 2nd highest state loan default rate, one foreclosure filing for every 315 households." According to Nationwide Mortgage, refinance loan programs have tightened with high credit scores and more equity needed to qualify. California lenders continue to see new rules and changes from the state governments in an effort to curb mortgage fraud. Mortgage refinancing in California has been very active in recent months because so many homeowners are finally in a position to save money with a lower interest rate.

Rising Mortgage Rates Have Not Halted of First-time Buyer Loan Options

The California real estate market has slowed down and the boom days are gone at least for now. With rising interest rates, buying your first home may appear difficult but with creative home financing available for first-time homebuyers, buying a home is more realistic than think Qualifying for special first-time homebuyer loans is based on several factors, which may vary according to the type of program.

Many loan professionals are concerned about how the Dodd-Frank bill will affect the mortgage industry in California. There is a movement stirring up to repeal this short-sided financial reform bill. The 2013 loan limits were reduced in high cost areas across the state so unfortunately this will eliminate thousands of struggling homeowners from qualifying for a refinance with FHA. Most loan companies anticipate that loan limits will remain the same in 2014 and 2015. Participating loan companies offer high balance mortgage loans in California that meet the criteria of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA. If that doesn't work you should consider our jumbo loan programs.